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The Starting Gun



“And then one day you find ten years have got behind you.
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.”

“Every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time.
Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines”

Pink Floyd




Life is happening now. There is no one to fire the starting gun. Before each one of us, may lie a path of treasure, realization and happiness. The effort of achieving it will be fundamentally dependent on our courage to make and execute plans.


The world doesn’t have a gap that we ought to fulfill. The structure of the world has been planned for people to be effective and productive disregarding their abilities. The market, as well as universities are places where people are trained to be useful, to be part of the engine, regardless and inconsiderate to their skills, wishes or potentials.


The untold secret, the hidden opportunity lies in creation. The creation of the new. That which represents us. There is no metaphisical space that lacks someone who is a mastercraft in the art we cherish the most. There is only a huge empty space, of all that never was. If we are to achieve something, if we are to make something out of it worth saying “I did this, I was there, I helped creating it, and now it lives” we must first realize this. A creator place in this world is made from the inside out, it is not, as I have formerly believed, incentivated, developed and organized by the outer world. No one is just there for us, expecting what we have of best do unveil itself and reveal, in a master achievement.


An age gives value to that which can be changed, not for that that can be taken for granted. Our age gives value to money on the basis that people can change dramatically their life conditions in a few years.


As a consequence of the valorization of money, we have become used to giving value only to the product of what we do. In the absence of delight in the process itself, we are to lose significant part of the satisfaction, as well as we are to lose part of the style.


When man used to live in smaller communities, there was more valorization of ones work, for it was a bigger part of the whole. This has now diminished, for we may compare ourselves with people from everywhere, the shinning of others should not be an ofuscating force in the achievement of our goals, it should be thought of as a free course of how to get there, which has to be translated to your own language, to your own life. Since people face geniousness at a very young age, they get discouraged of creation, of invention very soon. The bigger the scope of the world that is available to be appreciated, the smaller the chances that anyone in particular shall consider himself apt to the task which he once foresaw. This doesn’t have to be the case. Our mindset is distorted by the hugeness of society and by the strenght of the overvalorization of money, that suffocates other sorts of achievent. We should stand against this urges within ourselves, for we are living only by chance in this time, and we should not surrender to the opressive powers of our time. The people we celebrate and eternalyse are those who have been smart enough to see, understand and climb over the oppressive powers of their time. The opression of our time lies within more than ever before, and it requires less strenght than ever to set one free from his inner chains that imprison realization. Hundreds of past generations had to fight, give their lifes, or their emotions or their lifestyles so that today we are free from outer chains. To entertain oneself in the realization of dreams is not just an amazing oportunity, it is the duty of everyone who is able to realize how lucky we are, how much others have desperately desired to be where we are and how much can be achieved.


Once the obstacle of the greatness of the world and of its best Men is behind us, we might look at what this greatness has to offer us. From the finding of others who desire and fight for the same causes, to the perfections of skills to a level which would be impossible before a world in the communication age.


The greatness of inertial habits, for good and for bad, the importance of giving the first step, even if we do not know towards what, for it changes the mindset in such a way that might take a long time to go back to the old self minimalized thinking, giving us enough time to find that which might be the achievement we had always faintly foreseen, without ever giving real consideration to the possibility of doing it, or even of reasoning about it enough to shape it, define its borderlines and understand what it is.





This is the starting gun, one day, you will wake and find ten years have gone behind you. If you are lucky no one will tell you where to run, most likely people will tell you to follow their path, which leads to their lifes, which usually is as far from your desire as anything can be. Mankind seems to have a particular pleasure in leading others into their own path of desperation and mediocrity, luckily, younger people have a particular pleasure in dodging those paths, but this quality seems to faint before it should, before the realization of the beggining of life. The realization of the beggining of life, of the feasibility of projects, of the chance of turning passivity into activity will not come from the outside, it is born and lives within, and it must be reinforced everyday, for everyday we know this, our glimpse of paradise becomes less cloudy and more defined.






“The time is gone the song is over, thought I’d something more to say”