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The Revenge of the Nerds, Humanities Saviors



I write this text as a happy citizen of human civilization. The reason why I am doing it is because I am glad. And I am glad because Nerds are taking over the world. And I have just realized that. And the consequences. I am so happy that it does not bother me to begin phrases with And. And, as Forrest Gump wisely remarked, that’s all I have to say about that.

Ever since the dawn of Man, power has been on the hands of people whose inner desires were, at best, random, and in most cases, dark, sinister, evil, and dogmatically biased. After force gave way for the domination of superstition, superstition armed brainless strong people as defense armies. And so a self sustaining system has been assembled to keep the stupid amidst the diabolic in command of the human race. For a very very long period this continued, until, in the ending of the middle ages, the power realm shifted. The power finally left those who were brainless, and their protectees, the wicked, but it was no particular time of rejoice, for the new power holders were moved upwards by a sentiment as perverted as their predecessors, greed. Of course no long has passed until the wicked men realized that greed should empower them, so the wicked got greedy, and invented protestantism. Then along came the power of machines, and men with machines could no longer listen to the wicked men, no matter how greedy they were, for the machine owners were themselves greedier. Then along came democracy taking over everywere, and power was equally assembled between the greedy, and those who managed to do favors for othe powerfull people, let’s call them the nepotists. Not long has passed since, but we do now live on the beggining of a new age, for the first time ever, power is now being thrown upon men whose greatest joy is… is…. is… playing World or Warcraft? Designing new features for linux? Helping wikipedia? Creating self aware robots? Damn, what happened to the old way of getting rich, through darkness and connection to the underground powers? Well, it lives, but it no longer prevails among the media, it is no longer morally respected, and soon enough, it will loose most of its powers. And we only have to thank that. Nerds are going to save us. The greediest nerds like Bill Gates are themselves unable to avoid being a nice guy. It is just a part of the Nerdy nature, just like being clumsy.

There is overwhelming evidence that points toward the nerds revenge, Series like The It Crowd and The Big Bang Theory never would have make it in the early nineties, just imagine the eighties. Who dominates the academy? He who watches Star Wars, Who develops the technology? He who cries after finishing an RPG quest. Who dominates the internet ? He Who broadcasts interviews with great minds for free ….

What is the fancy use for a lot of money these days? No boat, No 100 million dollar house, but defeating malaria, promoting the 100 dollar computer project, bringing internet to china, financing worldly renown universities. Not buying anti-enviroment companies, no. Making campaigns agains Bush. That is what is all about.

The paradigm shift from industrial products to information products is greater than we think, and we should be everyday thanking the nerds for that. The hope that power may lay in good hands, in old times, was dependend of kings who might have had a glimpse of courage to confront their education, but in most times, this hope was faint delusion. We now live in a world where this hope is to be regained, defended, and more than anything, celebrated. Thank you Nerds of the world, you may be the ridicularized boy in school today, but tomorrow you are supermen, or spidermen, and differently from everyone in charge so far, you have seen the movie, and you do know that “ With great power, comes great responsibility”.