It has Begun, Welcome to Human Enhancement

It is now the 11 of December, 2008, the day after the day when human enhancement has shown its face to the world.

Yesterday an article on Nature Magazine came about online.

The authors include Michal Gazzaniga, and are heretofore to be known as The Seven who began it all.

This is the article, with it, an age ends and another begins, in the following years, millions of hours, translations, and international effort will be put on the topic of cognitive enhancement. Priests and religious people will manifest, the military will abuse its power, nations will fight and argue.

Comunists will be angrier than ever, reunited with eco-devils with one purpose in mind,  “Search and Destroy”.

The american right will of course, respond with a strong sense of purpose, denying humanity of the right to Play God, but will once again conflict with the military, who could use some godlikeness to destroy others right to use it.

Latin america, as usual, will be far off the questions raised and will simply tacitly copy the behavior of the country they feel like.

Once cognitive enhancers start to be ubiquitous, there will be two teams, which will be called the “Alphas” a name exapted from brave new world, and the “Pures” who of course will not call themselves Betas.

The Alphas and the Pures will fight for centuries, just like have science and religion, it does not matter who will prevail, during the fight, everybody loses. Some of man’s humanity will be lost, not because people will become less human  once they are enhanced, but because humans will be less humane when their natural urge to fight the enemy tribe takes over their minds.

Soon researchers will show how much more intelligent, succesful and rich are the enhanced minds, and the tightness of the fight will increase.

Three of the Seven will be killed, made heroes by those that think they were saviors, that the new man, the transhuman, is the upcast and ultimate purpose of life in the universe.

When the age of doom is over, new policies to avoid akward forms of competition will come, and people will learn again to value what must be valued, by then, geniality will be ubiquitous, and not particularly considered an interesting trait, soon enough people will remember the importance of cuddling, they will once again bond with friends and family, value beauty and faith, and once and forever, merge with an unbiased cosmos in the seek of joy and adventure.

The End

This is a possible world of the future, and only Kripke knows if we are near or far from it. One thing is for certain, It has Begun.

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