Hegel, Hegel, sim, Hegel!

Conforme o pedido do Diego, eu pretendia publicar uma lista de dez livros que considero importantes para nossa formação como intelectuais. Já tinha elaborado um bom número, discutido uma série de razões para cada livro… até que me dei conta: só há um filósofo que merece ser lido — Hegel. Publico abaixo um post de um moderador Philosophy Forums que explica perfeitamente as razões pelas quais Hegel é o maior de todos os filósofos (nay, maior de todos os humanos!); nem o Diego poderá discordar disso depois de lê-lo.

By Tobias:

The person you are all looking for, but have overlooked somehow, is of course Hegel. Yes, Hegel. Hegel is the greatest Hegel is the man. It is true, the greatest philosopher ever lived was Hegel. No other than Hegel. It is Hegel all the way down. Philosophy has never been the same since Hegel. Sometimes I think that philosophy and Hegel are synonimous and only Kant needs an honorable mention for having prepared thought for the coming of Hegel. After Hegel? Nothing, nihilist void. No wonder also after philosophy climed that mountain that is Hegel it found itself on a precipice. Shame that you didn’t camp somewhat longer on this lovely Plateau up in the sky that is Hegels thought.

Lets take it a branch at the time: Following Lodestone
Most inflluential: Hegel. Every philosophy practiced today is a reaction against Hegel. Both analytic and existentialist or phenomenology, all up against Hegel. Picknicking in the shadow of the mountain as it were….

practical Hegel. What do we want, we want women. First thing you have to know about approaching women is the Heglian formula that you are what you are not and are not what you are. Go to the dame of your choice and conspiciously not flirt with her, talk about all kinds of dry matters and laugh shyly when she steers the conversation towards sex (she will). She will think you are charming. Don’t tell her you are a philosopher — she will think you are a geek—, but pretend that you don’t know anything and she will think your philosophical, worked for Socrates too. Now agree, you cannot have philosophy more practical than helping you get laid…

innovative Hegel. Although here he will have to share honours with Kant, fair is far. Kant showed the way to a new metaphysics and Hegel created it, yes that is teamwork, or should I say Team Spirit?

ethics Has to be hegel. Who else could explain so precisely the tension between being a particular person in a universal political sphere? Who else did so clearly recognize that you are only insofar as you are for others? Ethics and Hegel, two hands on the same belly as we say in Holland.

metaphysics There can be only one…. it is…. Hegel!!! All articulations of being schematized. You will not only get boring old being, but also being as itself, being in itself, being for itself, dasein, essence (Wesen in german, that is another kind of being) and of course the Absolute. Now if that is not metaphysical value for money, I don’t know what is.

epistemology Well, my bet would be Hegel. Not only do you get the Absolute, you also get a way and a roadmap to it. If you just heed the dialectic you will eventually end up where you want to be. Now there is epistemology for you, practical and concrete from here to there.

Political philosophy Atually I think Hegel is a strong contender for this
one. Read his Grundlinien and you knwo exactly what the relation is between politics, law and the individual. Now that is all you want from decent political philosophy no?

All in all, all taken together and weight with the absolutely objective eye, I think hegel is the best philopher. Now throw away all this analytical rubish, free yourself from Heidegger, Sartre and Husserl and run to the nearest bookstore, because a nicely published cassette with Hegels main works has just hit the shelves. And after you have spend your life reading them (yes they are long) you will finally be able to die in peace, knowing that Hegel has said all you need to know and all there is to know….

I propose a toast to Hegel!


3 comentários em “Hegel, Hegel, sim, Hegel!”

  1. Que chatinho. O cara não sabe nada de nada hein. Ia dar um ataque cardiaco no Shoppenhauer isso. E se Hegel tem analítica e fenomenológica no seu rastro, Shop. tem pelo menos Nietzsche e Borges. Matter of taste


    Quase tive convulsões rindo. Juro, durante o post o em si da minha risada tornou-se para si, voltou ao em si e no final eu estava rindo para nós.


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