About Being A Philosopher

This was written a while ago, far enough to be forgotten, yet near enough to be still true.


As far as things go, I’m getting used to the idea of being a philosopher. I see good company on the books, only scarcely worse than humans, but overwhelmingly more intelligent, complex and well articulated. Almost Everything a philosopher does seems to me as very interesting, complex, recompensating job. Giving classes about other philosophers, stating about the class of all philosophers. Reading, writing, giving council to the general population, writing good books for the elites, everything seems so much like me. People do not need to be a scientist or a mathematician to become humans, as I intend to learn during the coming years. (my Gosh, aint it hard!)

I do not see life in a mercadologic way, I take a look at life and I want to view it from that part of the outside where you can stand above it and judge it, try to comprehend it, the universe, and everything else. I want to be in front of the computer, blank screen waiting for me and let the infomation flux pass through, and present it to the world without ever regreting this choce. I would not die for my ideas, for they could all be wrong, but definately I would die without them being constantly scrambled in my mind. I do not require the ultimate god like universe tranhumanists pursue to make a philosopher life happy. The nature of the world is already enough fantastic without it, although maybe life isn’t.

I can look at things the way a philosopher does, I am a philosopher. I cannot, for a single second, sing better than I can think about the process of becoming a great singer. I do not want to sell a value that people want to buy. Making everything sellable was a very good thing for technology, but selling people like me is sacrificing civilization in the name of one of its ideals. It just doesn’t happen.

If am I going to earn money from it or not is a consequence that is not predictable in any sense. There is no way of tracing the life of a special person further since no specific group can be used as the pattern in which he will follow.

So, what do I do? I write, I think, I study philosophy for serious until I can’t take it anymore, and then I will se what happens, not before. I did not come to the world to give my body to the omnivorous starving market, I came to be happy, and happiness and knowledge seem to have become intrinsically entangled for me, oposing happiness and money which are intrinsically entangled for everyone else (or at least they think). Be within the sistem, but be out of its engine, that is what I feel. The whole sistem is constructed according to the simple principle of maintaining people like me in the top, so, let us test the sistem, and see what happens.

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